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10 Questions with Tsitaliya Mircheva | Reve Insiders Christmas edition


Reve Insiders is an exclusive network of global leaders, businesses, brands, professionals and creatives that we have had the pleasure of working with or have stumbled across in some shape and form. We take an inside look into the lives of some of them. What makes them tick and what are they adding to the world to make a difference in the lives of others, or in their own lives? With just over one week to Christmas, one of our personal favourite holidays and season. There’s no better time than to do an interview with The Fashionable Mum, Storyteller, Founder & Creative Director – Tsitaliya Mircheva. Tsitaliya is not only the CEO of her family, but runs Mums-In-Heels. She also works with many brands to share their story in a delightful and magical way. 

REVE INSIDERS: Tsitaliya, you are incredibly profound, with a vast amount of experience in Fashion, Journalism, Branding and more, running the whole New York Fashion Weeks at 26, to living in Africa and then moving to Switzerland and building a successful brand of your own. Over the years, what have you found to be the key ingredient to remaining true to your authenticity, re-discovery and purpose even in the midst of the need to evolve, or pivot? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: Just an important correction – I did work for Fashion Weeks in New York at 26, but I didn’t run all the work around it. I worked for event management. I have always strived to remain true to myself no matter what I do or where I go. I say this because I have moved a lot and I have tried to find community and friends for more than once in my life. During all this and throughout all the times, a key element was, and still is, intentionally taking time to have conversations with myself, to check in with myself. Is where I am at the moment a happy place to be? Why? Is it because of money, relationships or creativity. What matters to me the most? Do I feel satisfied and does my work/community and lifestyle align with my values. Sometimes life challenges us in ways to grow and move on, but sometimes it is just not right. I think it is important to trust your intuition. To ask yourself what drives you, what matters to you and not once in a year, but almost every month.  And finally, always choose to remain true to yourself because that’s how you nurture the relationship with yourself. If you are not honest with yourself and you make compromises all the time, eventually you start weakening and compromising the relationship with yourself and that one will last…It is worth investing in it.  


REVE INSIDERS: How do you make ‘Happiness out of nothing’? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: That’s an interesting question and I love it! I write, I take an empty piece of paper and I start writing stories.  

REVE INSIDERS: Mums-In-Heels, the creative outlet that you started a number of years ago has a powerful message that encourages women and in particular (Mums) to live meaningful lives. It’s a brand that we love, that focuses on the family, celebrating female wisdom, creativity, ageing with power and acts as the perfect best friend to any Mum or woman, that wants to come home at the end of a long day and feel inspired to leave her own footprint in the world. What do you believe is needed to eradicate the idea of shame and comparison amongst women to walk into their boldness and light? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: I think we need more forgiveness and compassion for our mothers, for our grandmothers and ancestors. We need to forgive ourselves for not being perfect or as we want us to be…That means, once we forgive, we open a door and we start asking ourselves how we can be, can we change the script? The story that runs on repeat in our mind… and then we become creators…not followers, not victims of our own habits, thinking and societal norms… 

REVE INSIDERS: Vibrancy and magic are clearly defined throughout your personal brand and projects, not to forget the emotional aspect that is incredibly artistic and moving. How do you stay in touch with your creativity to constantly bring forth your best self with the many different tasks, travels, shoots that you carry out? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: Thank you for your words! Thank you for seeing me that way! I think I am naturally born with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. However, often I need to manage that energy because it happens so that on some days I end up exhausted and stuck in a negative and victim mindset. Yes that happens to me too, but the sad truth is that nobody sees that part of me. I don’t hide it, but I also don’t want to add a bigger burden to all the issues women have. Slowly I have learned how to manage those days, how to accept them and forgive myself for having a bad day.  I always manage to pull myself together very fast. I try not to linger too long in those kind of moments. The key is to find what works for you personally. As simple as it may sound for me, a warm bath with activated crystal salt and dry flowers works magic. A good book, journaling, music helps a lot and candles. I love to fill my house with scents and I have some favourites that have a great effect on me. My advice to women and men is the better you know yourself and you learn how to deal with those “weak” moments, the better. I am also big on herbs and teas that add up to my formula…so it is not only the hot bath at the end of the day 😉 

REVE INSIDERS: As a mum, what are a few tips you can share with other mums, soon-to-be mums, role-models and guardians on how to give children the freedom and space to tap into their creativity and magic? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: Another good question! Try as many as possible activities with your children. You will see that they will choose what they like the most and they will stay with it. My daughter loves to write stories but she still doesn’t know how to write properly. Yet we fold paper and make little books together, and I always ask her to read me her stories. Then I ask her about the ending for example. She doesn’t always have an ending. But now, she is also trying the piano, gymnastics, swimming, skiing. Yes she is busy but she wants all of it…and I watch her carefully, and observe, to see what she likes the most, without pushing her in a specific direction. Give your children the opportunity to try new things…tell them stories about artists, travellers. In other words spend time with your kids, talking to them, listening…this is the greatest luxury in life at the moment, to spend time with your kids! We have bought a huge world map for my son. It hangs right above his bed. He spends every evening before he goes to bed looking at this map and asking questions. There are also amazing creative children books at the moment: Girl on a Motorcycle or What to do with an idea. These are not the traditional stories our grandparents used to read us, but they are new…dealing with a new kind of world and challenges. 

Tsitaliya Mircheva on motherhood and family

REVE INSIDERS: Switching from journalism, and asking all the right questions, interviewing people to turning it up a notch and being in front of the camera, modelling for luxurious and sustainable brands, how do you prepare yourself before an important photoshoot, presentation or interview? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: Before a photoshoot I try to take some time for myself, to drink plenty of water and eat very light. I love to work out so I feel toned and in good shape. That raises my vibrations and my self-confidence, which is very important in order to stand still in front of the camera, to be present and to be yourself. For an interview or presentation I prepare a lot. Most of the time I am over-prepared. The more I know, the more confident I feel.  And of course, ideally I take more time to sleep the night before. I drink my bullet-proof coffee as usual, which gives my brain extra fuel, so I feel like I am in my best form.

REVE INSIDERS: What were a few of your most memorable experiences living in Africa? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: I have many. Some of the most vivid ones are a safari in the Namibian desert, the stunning Zambezi River sunsets, I remember Olipa, our maid, our security guard Derek and how happy he was when we gave him a present for his birthday – a bike for his daily commute to work. I remember Tonia, my horse riding teacher, I remember an African wedding I was invited to, I remember people and of course a truly magical trip we had to the spice Island Zanzibar. 
Truly fulfilling and rich experiences! I tell my kids a lot about Africa, the culture, the people and the traditions. 

REVE INSIDERS: How can we possibly leave out a question on fashion! What is your ultimate, elegant selection for a beautiful, late evening dinner out with friends? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: Oh I am very spontaneous when it comes to dressing and going out. It has to feel right for this moment and to match my mood. I have no uniform or formulas, I don’t prepare outfits the night before, but I have a weakness for high heels and short dresses 🙂 I love big chunky vintage jewellery. I have quite a collection of coats…It’s difficult to give you a short answer, but I have found what always works for me and I try to stick to it. I like oversized silhouettes, I like leather, high heels and blazers. I like chunky sweaters. I am tall and thin so volume suits me, it adds shapes to where I need it. Once a very wise woman told me to always start an outfit with the shoes! That made my life so much easier!

REVE INSIDERS: Sustainability and slow-living is a big topic to cover, but it is something that is emphasised within your brand and lifestyle. How can we become more sustainably conscious at home and with our families, even when we celebrate big days like Christmas? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva: For me in order to become more sustainable we have to really educate ourselves about sustainability, and all the aspects of it. Then it takes intention and attention to details, to buy with purpose. We have so much, do we need it all? I recently wrote an article where I suggest that if you don’t know where to start, then start with fabrics!

(Read more) For example I have decided to always buy clothes that feel good on my skin and that are mostly made of natural fibres. On the other hand I make some compromises, when I shop for vintage pieces, used clothes and bags. I love to shop at markets and do a little treasure hunt, to talk to the people at the market and so on. The experience is so fulfilling and so uplifting, while going to Zara or other shops leaves me feeling drained out.

REVE INSIDERS: What is a “Christmas message” that you would like to share with us, to remind anyone that reads this, on how to slow down, cherish special moments, enjoy love, art, life and to truly embody what it means to write your OWN story this season? 

Tsitaliya Mircheva:  As much as it sounds like a cliche, slowing down means living in the present moment. And this means to experience every moment of your life fully, your kids laughter, the music on the radio, the taste of pancakes on Sunday morning, the smell of burned wood in autumn, the feeling of coming home after a long day and the gratitude that someone is happy to see you when you enter the door of your house…You know I think often that we barely scratch the surface when it comes to living, we are sliding on the surface and we don’t take the time to fully enjoy the different dimensions of life. We are missing out on so much, wrapped up in chasing our daily plans…As for owning your story, let me answer this in a very simple way: don’t apologise for who you are, look for a story in your quirks, or ask yourself questions as to why you are that way.  Making sense of your life story will give you purpose and meaning. You will start living more and worrying less. Connecting the dots of all your life experiences and your personality is like an adventure trip, it’s so exciting and always so surprising! So I wish all of us the courage to ask questions, to look for answers and to be yourself without fear of disappointing others! 

A Christmas message from Tsitaliya Mircheva

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A big thank you to Tsitaliya for sharing parts of her journey with us. The more questions we ask, the more we want to know! We are set to publish a new 10 Questions blog interview every Thursday for the months of November and December. A new tradition that we’re adding to the list of them as we grow.

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Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


Tsitaliya Mircheva

To learn more about Tsitaliya, visit www.mums-in-heels.com or follow her on instagram, @tsitaliya.in.heels