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Embracing Originality: Why We Prioritize Honouring a Business’s Vision Over Imposing Design Rules

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When it comes to design, businesses often turn to experts for help in various creative areas, such as video content, photography, copywriting, blogs, press, digital designs, and social media posts. Seeking assistance from marketers, brand designers, or social managers allows business owners to free up time and gain valuable insights into their digital presence.

Marketers on the other hand bring an objective perspective to the table. Their fresh insights and external viewpoint can help business owners identify new growth opportunities, refine their brand messaging, and improve their overall marketing efforts.

In our experience, it can be quite difficult to work with multiple brands, each business and owner has its own story, different designs, colours, guidelines, aesthetic, ranging from minimalist to maximalist and as an individual, you may have your own preferences as to what looks good and what doesn’t but that’s the thing about design…

Design is very subjective. Design encompasses a wide range of creative disciplines, including graphic design, industrial design, web design, interior design, and more. The perception and interpretation of design elements such as colours, shapes, typography, layout, and composition can vary from person to person.

What one person finds visually appealing, another might not resonate with. Personal preferences, cultural backgrounds, and individual experiences can all influence how individuals perceive and respond to design.

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While there are certain principles and guidelines that designers follow to create effective and aesthetically pleasing designs, the interpretation and reception of those designs are subjective. What works for one audience or context may not work for another. That is the beauty of breaking the mould, creative innovation at its finest! There’s actually a little bit of rule-breaking involved…

This is why at Reve, we prioritise keeping the original vision of a business alive. Collaboration with business owners is crucial, as it ensures their expertise, values, and vision are respected. By striking a balance and fostering open communication, marketers and business owners can develop effective and harmonious marketing approaches that incorporate the best aspects of both perspectives.

In the dynamic field of marketing, change is constant. What works one year may not work the next. Being committed and open to change is essential for true success. Marketing is about understanding people, finding authenticity, and sharing the unique story of a business. Great marketers collaborate with business owners to highlight the gold in their story and share it with the world.

In one of our latest Reve Digital posts, we share a quote by Brian Solis, “Social media is all about sociology and psychology.” AND it’s very, very true! Everything we do and sell is for the community, it is for people! This means that what we create and how we present it must relate to the community that we want to build our business or brand for.

Stay tuned, there are so many topics that are connected to this one that we would like to share on… but of course, we can’t share it all at one go – so check our blog regularly and follow us on social media.

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