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The Power of Originality: Why Creating Your Own Content is Safer and Better

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When you come across something visually appealing on social media, the temptation to share it on your own page may arise. While your intentions may be good, there are boundaries that should not be crossed, especially for established or professional businesses.


Having managed numerous online accounts, we’ve witnessed firsthand how handling a large volume of content can become messy when you share something without the owner’s consent. It’s crucial to be cautious because using content that doesn’t belong to you can lead to being flagged or facing backlash. Brands that have registered and copyrighted their work can be quickly identified and flagged by social media platforms. As a result, you may receive a notification instructing you to remove the content or it will be taken down on your behalf.

Smaller content creators however do not have this luxury or protection!

You may wonder, isn’t it beneficial for others to share your content? Isn’t that how things go viral? While sharing is inspiring and a way of celebrating and appreciating, it becomes problematic when you use someone else’s content and present it as your own.

YES! This includes altering the ORIGINAL WORK of the creator.

Larger brands generally don’t mind when their content is shared because it often serves as free advertising. However, if you’re profiting significantly from their work, things can take a different turn, and legal action may be taken against you.

On the other hand, smaller content creators, who may find copyrighting their content expensive, are unlikely to involve lawyers, but they may request you to take down their work if they spot it, even if you’ve credited and tagged them.

So, what’s the best solution? Let your creativity shine by focusing on creating your own content and sharing it with the world. If you truly admire a creator’s work and want to use it, it never hurts to ask for permission.

In some cases, very large brands may leave a comment on a post they like, seeking permission from the user and providing a link to their terms and conditions.

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