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Reve Insiders is an exclusive network of global leaders, professionals, businesses, brands and creatives that we have had the pleasure of working with or have stumbled across, in some shape or form. We take an inside look into the lives of some of them.

What makes them tick and what they are adding to the world to make a difference in the lives of others or in their own lives. In this weeks 10 questions interview series, we asked our friend Lana Maher – A Life, Energy and healing coach to share with us a little more on how she’s making an impact through her work and inspiring wellness.

REVE INSIDERS: Lana, tell us more about who you are and what you do? 

Lana Maher: This is going to be deep. Here we go! I am an expression of love in rainbow light. My mission is to hold people in a space of love for them to heal, transform and grow; from the depths to the skies through coaching and heart energy healing. My purpose is to align my own heart energy with the heartbeat of the universe, and be there for others on their journeys to align all our heart beats together in harmony. I am a creator, an expansion of consciousness, and a collective of experiences integrating into realities. I love to feel.  

REVE INSIDERS: Were you always a Coach and why did you choose to specialise in helping others heal from sexual trauma, abuse and depression? 

Lana Maher: I started off working in project management for 9 years. Some years in branding & advertising and others in developing IT solutions. I co-founded my first company in 2015 in media and app solutions. The partnership was not strong, and so I took an app solution for restaurants that I was working on, and cofounded another company based on providing restaurants with app solutions in 2016. I felt burdened by all the work I kept on putting into the businesses, and I was not feeling fulfilled. In that same year, I went on a mission to find my passion. I knew that I wanted to help people. I have been through all the experiences that I now focus my practice towards.  I was told many times that I was a good listener and trusting. I also have a passion to build & grow things. While I was searching for possible options to fit my experiences and current skills, my dear friend introduced me to coaching. That’s how the seed was planted, and now it’s a tree. Most of the clients that were recommended to me and I unconsciously attracted, faced similar or more experiences that I had been experiencing. It resonated to focus my messaging more towards people going through one or more of these experiences too. Gratitude for this journey. 

REVE INSIDERS: What’s an interesting skill that you’ve acquired that completely changed the game for you and makes you feel your most confident self? 

Lana Maher:  A heart activation breathing exercise. It helps me connect to my core and to my life force through my beating heart. It brings me to neutrality and  guides my actions to be from a place of love, connection, wisdom, ground-ness, clarity, authenticity, and courage. 

REVE INSIDERS: What does #livingwell mean to you? 

Lana Maher: To me, It means to live with aliveness and feel life running through our veins. It is to be connected to oneself and to others and with every part of creation. When we are connected to our bodies and the world around us, we express love to every aspect of ourselves. That then ripples and flows to the world around us. 

REVE INSIDERS: How do you fill your cup and stay energised, you always look SO stunning and full of life – What’s your secret!? 

Lana Maher: As I mentioned earlier, I love to feel. I love the feeling of love and aliveness, so I feel, think and do everything that fulfils me and do them from a place of love regularly. To name 8 and I am really wanting to continue on a piece of paper and list everything else:  cooking, dancing, cross-fit, walking with Alex , being with clients and friends, kissing my husband’s neck, touching and feeling nature, secretly touching things in museums and connecting to their energy. In a nutshell, I want to live my life in all its potential, and so I do a lot of inner work so I can expand and see how much of this potential I can experience in this life time. 

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REVE INSIDERS: Do you like surprises? What’s one of the biggest surprises you’ve ever encountered? 

Lana Maher: I enjoy surprises, as some turn into laughter and joy. I will name 3 equally big surprises in my life: Surprise skydiving 23rd birthday gift, A big surprise 30th birthday with friends, videos, party, and a romantic trip to Mauritius after the party; and finding my G-spot  >> Giggles and loud laughter while typing this. I love making myself laugh.  

REVE INSIDERS: Can you describe your music and fashion taste? 

Lana Maher: I love music, because I love listening to each instrument or layer that creates it. I listen to a variety of music; almost every genre. I prefer music with no lyrics, songs with great beats and others with beautiful vocals and powerful words. As for Fashion, I love sporty wear and sport-chic fashion. I do enjoy dressing up and looking fancy, but not all the time. When  I wear a dress and add a little bling, I enjoy the feeling of seeing the “wow” in people’s eyes, because they see me in training clothes and  sweatshirts often hahaha. 

REVE INSIDERS: How do you deal with being a powerful voice and woman in the working world, can you share with us a challenge you’ve encountered and how you overcame it? 

Lana Maher: Thank you for your words. It is my intention for my voice to be powerful filled with love. I do not know the magnitude of power I am emitting. I am focusing on continuously building the voice that I have. With challenges, I look at my past and see so many challenges that I’ve survived and thrived from. With all new challenges, I face them with a knowing that I am going to get through this, learn from this, and grow. I also practice compassion towards myself, and allow myself to feel any emotions arising from the challenges, and then the answers appear to the challenge in forms of small steps or big steps. 

REVE INSIDERS: What’s one piece of advice you would share with someone dealing with sexual harassment or trauma to help them find a new perspective and discover the beauty of their sexuality? 

Lana Maher: Go out and ask for help. If you are like I was, stubborn, finding it hard to ask for help and wanting to do it on my own; you can start that way too, but from my experience it took me  much longer. I progressed on a slow scale, retrospectively, until I started seeking different types of help from professionals that helped me see  and heal more aspects of myself that I could not see or do on my own. When you reach a plateau, ask for help and different types of help. Ask help from professionals you feel can provide you with a loving and safe space, to process these traumatic experiences. Get some energy healing done to help cleanse the energy of these experiencing that gets stored in our body. There is more to life than surviving. Find your tribe that will help you thrive. 

REVE INSIDERS: If you could describe yourself using a quote, what would it be? 

Lana Maher: ‘Love’ said and vibrated by everyone and all creation.

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A big thank you to Lana for sharing parts of her journey with us. The more questions we ask, the more we want to know! We are set to publish a new 10 Questions blog interview every Thursday for the months of November and December. A new tradition that we’re adding to the list of them as we grow.

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