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10 questions with Taofeek Omosanya | Reve Insiders

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10 questions with Taofeek Omosanya | Reve Insiders


Reve Insiders is an exclusive network of global leaders, professionals, businesses, brands and creatives that we have had the pleasure of working with or have stumbled across, in some shape or form. We take an inside look into the lives of some of them.

What makes them tick and what they are adding to the world to make a difference in the lives of others or in their own lives. In this weeks 10 questions interview series, we asked our friend Taofeek John Omosanya – A brand representative of one of Nigeria’s most popular sports brands – AFA SPORTS, an avid basketball player and celebrity personal assistant to share bits of his journey, how he handles pressure and some of his biggest lessons and highlights in his career thus far.

REVE INSIDERS: 20, tell us more about who you are and what you do? 

Taofeek Omosanya: Well, more about me. I was born in Ogub Abeokuta. I’m a go-getter, the no-nonsense type. I can easily adapt. I believe in doing things right and doing what you will say you will do. I have been fortunate enough to work for many people and experience different things. I have worked in the Nigerian Movie industry and have been featured in Omo Gito, Return Of Jennifer and Woza. I worked for PSqaure as a personal assistant for eleven years and Kaffee for fourteen. I recently joined AFA Sports as a brand representative, and AVANTE FLY. I also currently work as a road manager for RudeBoy. I believe in hard work but also maintaining a playful and fun attitude. To date, I have crossed paths with incredible people such as Flavour, Akon, Yaya Toure, Oscar, Thibaut Courtois, Branislav lvanovic, Diego Costa, Williams, Hazard, John Mikel, Emmanuel Adebayor, Samuel Eto’o, Farouk Aminu, Phynofino, Baddosneh, Deji Akindele, Jordan Nwora, P-Square, Ciarence, Abiodun Peters, Davidoofficial, Asisat Oshoala and Zaza. I love meeting new people and hope to meet many more in the future.

REVE INSIDERS: What is the importance of your job and the responsibilities that come with it? 

Taofeek Omosanya: In my role as a personal assistant and road manager, I’m the guy that makes sure everything is ready. From packed bags for travelling out, to making sure everyone is organised, safe and protected. I get it done. It’s my job to make sure things go right, as it is a reflection of the team. In my job as a brand representative for AFA SPORTS (The Afrileisure, Fitness/Sportswear brand), I’m responsible for quality control, and testing the clothes for production and with AVANTE FLY ( A Private Jet Fleet Service) I connect people who want to fly private with the Avante team.

REVE INSIDERS: How do you deal with pressure, and manage your responsibilities in the different roles you play? 

Taofeek Omosanya: There is definitely pressure and I think I have become comfortable with it, you can’t get rid of it completely, but I think the best way is to get rid of the things that slow you down by being prepared. For example, when we travel out, I already know what needs to get done, I ask a lot of questions so I’m well informed. This makes everyone’s lives easier. I get the heavier things done the day before, so when it’s time to head out, the work is more lightweight. I minimise on my own luggage when I travel by carrying my school bag so I’m completely focused and free on who I’m working for and I’m aware. I’m still always thinking and calculating, even when I’m having fun.

REVE INSIDERS: How many countries have you travelled to? 

Taofeek Omosanya:  There are places I have been to and I can’t remember them all. It total, I’ve travelled to 27 countries including France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, England, Togo, Kenya, Benin, Ghana, Rowande, Cameroon, Congo, Angola, Serbia, Mauritius, Guinea, Seychelles, Spain, Austria, Ethopia, Burandi, Tanzania and Mozambique.

REVE INSIDERS: What does wellness mean to you? 

Taofeek OmosanyaIt means taking care of myself, checking in with myself and reminding myself to be grateful. I thank God for the present. When I think of myself 10 years ago, I wasn’t in the place I used to be. It’s like watching Lebron on TV and then working for him. When I think of myself “Back in the days” It brings me joy to know how far I’ve come. So, I take time to remember this and be grateful. I also take a break and do what I love. I love taking time to be in my own space, playing 3-5 sets of basketball, being on the court makes me happy. Appreciating my work, eating a meal of Eba, Egusi Soup, Fufu – playing a game of FIFA and spending time with the ones I love. This is mission complete for me.

REVE INSIDERS: What has been your ultimate, favourite travel destination?

Taofeek Omosanya: FRANCE, I just love the food and the vibe. The Big stick with sweet potato is great.

REVE INSIDERS: What are some of your future goals? 

Taofeek Omosanya: To settle down and have a nice family and reach a level of comfort, more success.

More success, fun and laughter…

REVE INSIDERS: What brands would you like to work with in the near future? 

Taofeek Omosanya: Puma for sure, any sports or lifestyle brand too.

REVE INSIDERS: What has been some of your best life highlights? 

Taofeek Omosanya: First, I didn’t come from a rich family. My mother would sell food to send us to school and I would sit under her food table where the rice would fall on my head, which I would be eating. My mother’s sister was well to do and would travel often, so when I started living with my cousins, I was exposed to travel, as they would go to London often. It was a dream of mine to travel…So when I got my London VISA, It was the happiest day for me. Travelling was a great highlight and then another big highlight was when we won the Dancerton, It was a Guinness book record for dancing 3 days in a row.

REVE INSIDERS: What’s a piece of life advice you would share from your experience? 

Taofeek Omosanya: Never give up, just keep moving. Also that you shouldn’t expect anything from anyone else, Trust God. Believe in yourself and don’t get carried away with what you see. Mind your business and don’t do things to impress anyone, just do your best and stay calm. Even when you enter circles of high influence, you will see people flying jets, buying the latest GUCCI, don’t buy it if you can’t afford it. You can purchase expensive things when you are in a stable position, but it shouldn’t be something you do to impress those around you.

You’ve reached the end…

A big thank you to Taofeek for sharing parts of his journey with us. The more questions we ask, the more we want to know! We are set to publish a new 10 Questions blog interview every Thursday for the months of November and December. A new tradition that we’re adding to the list of them as we grow.

And always remember…

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


Taofeek Omosanya

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