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A tour of The DuBoirs Boutique Lodge Wedding & Conference Venue

The Duboirs

A tour of The DuBoirs Boutique Lodge Wedding & Conference Venue

We are always on the lookout for distinctive locations and serene settings, especially when planning our special business and product marketing shoots, The Duboirs came highly recommended. After making prior arrangements, we headed to the location with a box full of sample products, ready to get creative.

Join us as we explore some of our favourite features of the lodge and coming soon… We share our holiday product selection and social media kit, a special gift set put together to send to our friends, clients and family across the world! Guess where we shot this? That’s right. At The DuBoirs.

Tucked away in an exceptionally unique location, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant vegetation, The Duboirs may not be an immediate visual spectacle, but it holds an abundant number of surprises. Upon entering the reception, guests are greeted by the tranquil sounds of a water fountain, crafted to resemble the artistry found in a Parisian museum painting.

The day had perfect weather—just the right amount of warmth and natural light. We started shooting around 9 am after a warm welcome onto the premises. After a quick tour, we found some great spots to capture shots of our newest products.

Unique Spaces

We headed to the clean and contemporary bedrooms. Pictured below is the honeymoon suite, offering a view of the beautiful outdoor scenery beside a tranquil waterfall. The suite is equipped with all the essential amenities for a sweet little stay for two.

The Honeymoon Suite & Lodging

The honeymoon suit at the duboirs
The honeymoon suit at The Duboirs, captured by Amber Coull

Business and Conference

If you’re contemplating hosting a business conference or a wellness retreat, explore the potential of the conference hall space as your venue of choice. With ample room and a breathtaking view of lush greenery, it’s an ideal selection. One of the standout features, the hall is versatile, featuring a bar suitable for weddings or conferences. Additionally, the boutique and lodge offers a separate conference room, perfect for business meetings and networking events.

Friendly Faces

If you visit soon, let us know. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and are eager to unveil more of our personal captures from our visit. Naturally, the charm of a place is enhanced by its hosts, and meeting Sam and the team was a delight. A heartfelt thank you to Palesa for graciously allowing us to explore the picturesque DuBoir land.

Dear friends and followers, anticipate our forthcoming blog post unveiling insights into our sustainable holiday product range. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Until then, we bid you farewell — Au revoir!