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The ReveToday Social Media Kit & Holiday Collection

THE REVETODAY SOCIAL MEDIA KIT AND HOLIDAY COLLECTION, A picture of the branded Reve Today sustainable, Okiyo document bag

The ReveToday Social Media Kit & Holiday Collection

Think natural colours, sustainable materials and the feeling of being home, Christmas trees, hallmark movies, the smell of freshly brewed sweet tea, homemade cooking, cinnamon or vanilla scents, forest views, wooden textures, warmth, love and joy.

Of course, at our core, we’re a social media management and creative marketing agency, and for the first time in our history, this October 2023, we decided to create a special social media kit for our family, friends, clients and partners across the world. Let’s take a closer look at our selection for the season and what our specific products can be used for.

First, the cozy and warm Reve Today Team Scarf in grey, whilst it’s not included in our social media kit, it’s perfect for those cream, white, black and essential fits. Initially thought to complement HIS closet, we actually ended up including this for him & her. It’s a nice touch to any suit and perfect for business travel. Just a nice little addition that we added to our collection and the pictures captured by Amber Coull were exactly how we imagined it to be.

We also stumbled upon a grand piano at DuBoirs Boutique Lodge and Hotel, and serendipitously, we had a violin on hand—a perfect pairing for capturing the moment! It also beautifully symbolises the upcoming harmonious holiday season.

Now let’s get into the social media kit, seeing your social media manager/consultant soon? Come equipped!

We created a three product, new year kit that includes: A creativity journal, document bag and the last product is quite versatile, it can be used as a pen/pencil case,
cosmetic or gift bag!

The Creativity Journal

The Okiyo Cardon Cork Notebook & Pen Set is presented in an attractive box crafted from kraft paper. The notebook features 80 sheets (160 lined pages), a linen front panel, hardcover, and bookmark. The accompanying ballpoint pen is filled with high-quality black German ink.

Isn’t it charming that we’re sending our “social media friends” pen and paper? While the allure of something more tech-related may have crossed our minds, there’s a deeper intention behind this choice. Above all, we champion balance and wellness. Despite our love for technology, there’s an undeniable warmth in the act of traditional writing—a beautiful avenue for self-expression that lets us pour out our thoughts, emotions, and, most importantly, our finest ideas.

We encourage those receiving our gift not just to envision future business plans within these pages, but to use this journal as a canvas for capturing creative, spontaneous ideas, dreams, hopes, wishes, and the incredible journey of their lives and work. It’s more than just a journal; it’s a vessel for inspiration and self-discovery in 2024.

The 100% Sustainable Document Bag

Reve Today Okiyo Kaigi Cotton Document Bag
Reve Today Okiyo Kaigi Cotton Document Bag

A natural cotton bag, that is both durable and chic, made from sturdy 320gsm canvas fabric. It features handy carry handles and a zippered closure with a branded puller to keep your documents safe and dust-free while on the move.

Cotton stands out as one of the simplest and most elegant materials—plain yet beautiful. This document bag has been chosen to assist you in maintaining order and neatness for your important documents. It is not just limited to your social media planning essentials; you can also stow away your creative notebook and pencil bag. While it’s designed for documents, you can also safely store your MacBook and even your phones in it. There are numerous versatile ways to make the most of this product, but at its core, it serves as an excellent organiser for your important papers.

The Pencil / Gift Bag

We loved the look of this product, also made from durable 220gsm cotton, it features a black panel at the bottom and a matching zip puller. This natural-looking gift/cosmetic bag is versatile – use it for cosmetics, personal items, chargers, cables, or even as a cute gift bag! Both practical and stylish.

It was a delight assembling these gifts, and we’ve now dispatched our festive mail packages! Initially, we were uncertain about creating branded items, but the entire selection process turned out to be a genuinely beautiful experience. We aspire to continue this tradition for many years. This is our small way of expressing gratitude to our partners, and we sincerely hope they find joy in our chosen gifts, cherish them, and put them to good use throughout 2024.

What’s next:

  1. More important 2024 updates are on the way, these will be released on the 10th of December 2023 in our LinkedIn newsletter. Sign up here.
  2. On the blog, we share our favourite festive dessert trio. Coming soon!

What are your thoughts on our products? If one of our special gifts arrive at your doorstep in the next few weeks…

Take a picture for us 🙂