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Monday Meditation with Reve Today


Monday is an important day of the week.

Starting it on a good note makes all the difference and ending it well too is superb!

Depending on the climate you’re in and your schedule, this might not work for you like it does for us, but generally, if you can get a meditation session in during the morning and sometime before the end of your evening combined with a few other things we will share below, you are setting yourself up for a great Monday!

Today we started off our day with some breath work with Kirsten McCormick. Try it here. After the 8 minutes, we moved on to doing 10-15 minutes of random writing and brain dumping anything on our minds.

Our work day begins at 9 am, so just before, we also added in a stretch session with Well + Good.

It’s such a great way to get energised and make sure your body is ready to face the day. When the work day has come to an end, a nice way to wind down is with a night swim, sauna, ozone therapy or even a jacuzzi session.

Finally, lights out. Get that silk sleeping mask on, and make sure that you get far away from all the electronics, at least a good two hours before you indulge in your beauty routine and quality sleep.

This is our first blog for 2023! We plan on keeping these rolling in the months to come. Share your thoughts with us in the comments and stay updated by following us on our socials.

Cheers to living well!

Reve Today