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Reve Insiders is an exclusive network of global leaders, businesses, brands and creatives that we have had the pleasure of working with or have stumbled across, in some shape or form. We take an inside look into the lives of some of them.

What makes them tick and what they are adding to the world to make a difference in the lives of others or in their own lives. To kickstart our 10 questions interview series, we asked Lyndsay Whitby – A Father, a coach and friend to share with us how he’s making an impact through his business, and inspiring wellness. 

REVE INSIDERS: Lyndsay, tell us more about who you are and what you do? 

Lyndsay Whitby: A bit about me, where to start. I am not a fan of titles, but I guess
for simplicity I would call myself a healer-coach. The fundamentals of my work are
healing the emotional barriers built up in childhood and reprogramming the mind to
better assist the body. I feel this has been my calling my whole life. Partly because it
is what I needed for myself and partly because I have a natural way of being, that
attracts people to open-up to me. Generally, of course. I am passionate about
bringing people to happier places within themselves. I believe in the saying,
“wherever we go, there we are”. Unless we heal, improve, bring compassion and
love to who we are then no matter what changes in our life we will always see things
with the same self-sabotage lenses we have always used.

REVE INSIDERS: Were you always in the business of coaching? 

Lyndsay Whitby: No. I worked in aviation as an Aircraft Mechanic for over 20 years. I
had some memorable moments. Working on the smallest aircraft to the queen of the
skies, the Boeing 747. Although reflecting now, I feel I was still a coach to some
degree even in aviation.

REVE INSIDERS: What are you most passionate about? 

Lyndsay Whitby: Being the best dad I can be and this requires non-stop self-work.
The by-product of this work is that I become a better coach and better human being for
the whole collective. When we heal ourselves we heal the collective.

REVE INSIDERS: What does wellness mean to you and how do you #livewell? 

Lyndsay Whitby: Wellness for me means the way you feel about yourself. This will
be reflected in the way you carry yourself, treat yourself, eat, exercise and think. I
practice daily meditation as well as keeping my body strong and healthy. I also watch
what I eat out of self-love. I believe in “balance”. Eat good but also enjoy simple

REVE INSIDERS: Tell us some of your favourite things to do in your down-time? 

Lyndsay Whitby: I love downtime. It’s my time to recharge. In these moments I
meditate, go for forest walks, watch mindless tv to disconnect from the energy of
constant awareness.

REVE INSIDERS: Do you like surprises? What’s one of the biggest surprises you’ve
ever encountered? 

Lyndsay Whitby: I am not a fan of surprises. The biggest ‘surprise’ I can recall
would be my first daughter’s birth. I could never have expected such an experience.

REVE INSIDERS: You strike us as someone incredibly genuine, loving and
compassionate. How do you stay inspired and grounded in who you are? 

Lyndsay Whitby: Thank you for your kindness. I feel more grounded in myself than I
ever have in my conscious memory. I inspire myself through my self-work and my
coaching. I feel healing and liberating ourselves from childhood limiting beliefs
should be every human’s soul purpose. (Very subjective I must say)

REVE INSIDERS: What does a “Day In The Life of Lyndsay” look like? 

Lyndsay Whitby: Your questions make me smile. Depends which day, I spend lots
of time with my daughters, so on days with them, it’s swimming, playing, going on
adventures or simply sitting close and watching some nursery rhymes. On days
when I work, I meditate, workout, coach, find ways to create community. Something I
am working on with all my heart is growing my coaching practice. I love and believe
in this work more than ever.

A Day In The Life Of Lyndsay

REVE INSIDERS: In between balancing work and staying connected to your clients,
your personal life as an incredible Father. Where are you now and what are some of
your goals for the future? 

Lyndsay Whitby: I do not know where you get these questions from, but I love them. I am on a journey of spreading my wings. Be that deepening my own healing and self-awareness or soaring into the sky by coaching and bringing love and healing wherever I go. As I mentioned above, I wish to grow my reach and form collaborations that bring love and hope to many that have been hurt and can’t let go of that pain.

REVE INSIDERS: If you could describe yourself using a quote, what would it be? 

Lyndsay Whitby: The love we have for ourselves is reflected in the way we treat
ourselves and this is directly proportional to the love we can give others.
I made that quote up. Maybe there’s quotes like it but this one came from my heart.
It’s very personal for me and I am happy to discuss it with anyone that’s open to do
so. Sadhguru quoted: If we do not work for individual transformation, talking about
world peace is just entertainment. I feel this is also a motto of mine and lines up with
my quote.

You’ve reached the end…

A big thank you to Lyndsay for sharing parts of his journey with us. The more questions we ask, the more we want to know! We are set to publish a new 10 Questions blog interview every Thursday for the months of November and December. A new tradition that we’re adding to the list of them as we grow.

And always remember…

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


Lyndsay Whitby

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