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It’s time to partner with Gen Y and Gen Z | The Laptop and Latte Gen.

The latte generation

It’s time to partner with Gen Y and Gen Z | The Laptop and Latte Gen.

As times change, and history is made through the advancement of new technology and social media. It is becoming more crucial to partner with the new generation who make up 72 million of the population. It’s important to understand their needs, development process and know exactly how to pass down the baton. This group is next in line to inherit the throne so how can companies, brands, businesses and entrepreneurs start understanding this generation better and form meaningful partnerships to effectively draw out and build on their own legacies.

We are a Gen Y.1 and Gen Z-built company, so it’s even more valuable for us to do the research, follow the emerging trends and share this information with you.

The better we learn about what shapes our cultures, thinking and perspectives, the easier it becomes for us to truly relate to our tailored audiences.


Gen Y.1 are between the ages of 25-29 years old

Gen Y.2 are between the ages of 29 – 39 years old

Gen Z are between the ages of 6 – 24 years old

Gen Z are entering the work force, they are technically adept, believe in inclusion, diversity and are passionate individuals. Can you believe that the average Gen Z’er received their first mobile phone at 10 years of age? As social media managers, we spend just about 18 hours a day on our mobile phones. The average Gen Z will most likely spend just over 3 hours on theirs.

Mobile banking, online shopping, debit cards top the Gen Z list. So what does this budding generation really want? What are they looking for? Lets get into some of it!


The opportunity to grow financially, emotionally, mentally…Leadership roles and responsibility is what Gen Z seek, this is to keep them on their feet! It’s important to emphasise career growth when hiring.


They seek out mentors to help them navigate life with confidence. Coaches play a big role here and will grow in popularity as the years go on.

Ease + Flexibility

Technology at their fingertips, gig work, working whilst on vacation! You must have seen that one coming.

Where do you find Gen Z?

Mostly on Instagram and snapchat, older generations tend to stick with Twitter and Facebook. So if you intend on reaching a younger audience with an ad campaign, Instagram and Snapchat are your best shot!

Company culture

Would it be surprising if we told you that company outings, picnics and unique perks that are not necessarily a retirement or health plan actually mean a lot to the general Gen Z population? The truth is, if your company, business or brand include these perks, you are more likely to have happier and more well-rounded employees.

Mental health leave and add a few inspiring and creative experiences to the work mix.

We recently just posted a quote on our instagram page that goes something like this…


Do you agree?

Look, It’s impossible to explain an entire generation in one blog post! But it’s definitely a good start, we’ll be taking a deeper look into the mobile habits of Gen Z’ers. You might be wondering though…Why the big fuss over Gen z?

Generation Z basically run the show when it comes to creating and interpreting trends. They are the digital natives, whilst millennials proved to be digital pioneers. Generation Z are said to disrupt the digital age…and from the looks of it, it seems to be true.

As generational needs change, businesses and brands need to evolve in terms of their approach and the way in which they communicate with different age groups. Businesses need to partner with the new generation to stay relevant, and relate to new consumers, understand how they think and what they value. Businesses rise and fall based on how well they are able to meet new generational needs. It requires fresh ideas, new strategies, deep thinking and extensive studies.

The moral of the story: Look for individuals that form part of generation z that you can work well with, find a mentee that you can teach the ropes of your business too. You will have an endless pool of fresh ideas, new perspectives and most importantly keep up to date with the latest trends that your business should follow to remain relevant and on top of your game.


Stay tuned for more on our findings and research as we go along!

Till next week,

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