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10 Questions with Troy Anderson Jr.

Tru' Starz

10 Questions with Troy Anderson Jr.

Counting down till Christmas, a season of giving, extending kindness and sharing stories. This week, we share our exclusive interview with business owner out of Montgomery County Maryland.

Our holiday series is all about shining a spotlight on people that show us what it truly means to follow our passions, work hard, and never give up! Troy is one of those people! Stay reading, find our 10 questions for him just below.

If you are new here, Reve Insiders is an exclusive network of global leaders, businesses, brands, professionals and creatives. Our 10 Questions Series is all about exploring what makes them tick. We find out how they are making a difference in our world or making changes in their own lives to impact the lives of others.

Presenting… Troy Anderson Jr, the owner of Tru’ Starz Clothing.

REVE INSIDERS: Thank you for joining us today, Troy. It’s our absolute pleasure to have you join our series this year. We would love to learn more about your entrepreneurship journey. When did your love for entrepreneurship begin?

Troy Anderson Jr: My love for entrepreneurship began when I was around 11 years old. My father would take me to work and I would assist him on the job. At the time he had his own carpet cleaning business called All Clean Carpet Clean. During this time, my father was prepping me to be an entrepreneur and I didn’t realize it until I got older.

REVE INSIDERS: Tell us more about your business? (When did you found it? Where are you based? Why did you start a clothing business?)

Troy Anderson Jr: My business is Tru’ Starz Clothing and our message is: Always Stay Tru’ To the Star Within You. We are all Tru’ Starz that have special gifts and talents to add to the betterment of the world which makes us all Tru’ Starz!

We started and became official in November of 2016 and been in business ever since. We are currently based in Montgomery County Maryland we are mostly online at www.trustarzclothing.com, we also do various pop-up shops around the city from time to time. What led me to start a clothing business was the fact that it gave me the perfect opportunity to showcase my talents and creativity all in one. I’ve always had a passion for fashion as well as the intention of becoming a computer engineer during my high school days, so I took the things I was passionate about and really good at and combined them into a clothing business called Tru’ Starz Clothing. I enjoy using my brand in a way that inspires others and influences them in a positive and uplifting manner.

REVE INSIDERS: Can you share with us your biggest life lesson learnt thus far?

Troy Anderson Jr: One of the biggest life lessons that I have learned this far, along my journey is never to take your life for granted and all the blessings you have in front of you, whether they are big or small, cherish them all, and understand that we are valuable. To make a change in this world you must start with yourself.

REVE INSIDERS: What are three things you have on your bucket list?

Troy Anderson Jr: Three things I have on my bucket list – 1) Travel the whole world, 2) Go sky-diving and 3) Go on a cruise.

REVE INSIDERS: How do you stay positive and motivated?

Troy Anderson Jr: I stay positive and motivated by acknowledging that I was blessed with another opportunity in life and since GOD saved my life, I must make the most of it, enjoy it and serve my purpose in doing my part to add to the betterment of life for all.

REVE INSIDERS: As you know, ReveToday is big on wellness, what does wellness mean to you and how do you incorporate it into your daily life?

Troy Anderson Jr: Wellness means the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. To me, in my words, Wellness is embodying the best version of oneself in all areas of one’s life bringing positive energy, vibes, and adding to the well-being of all.

REVE INSIDERS: What are some core values you believe every entrepreneur needs to be a successful one?

Troy Anderson Jr: Some core values I think every entrepreneur needs to be successful are dedication through the good and the bad times. Persistence to continue to push forward no matter the obstacle in front of you and consistency in delivering great quality products or services over a long period.

REVE INSIDERS: If there was one piece of advice that you could share with your younger self, what would it be?

Troy Anderson Jr: Some advice I would give to my younger self is to never stop believing in what you can achieve and just go after your dreams! You got this! You are possible! Even “impossible” broken down is I’m possible!

REVE INSIDERS: As the owner of a clothing brand, creativity is key. What are some of the things that inspire your designs and vision?

Troy Anderson Jr: I agree, Creativity is a major key, inspiration, and creativity is life itself. life is full of creativity. It is all around us, mother nature grows from the earth but is beautifully creative. I get inspiration from almost everything and it sparks creative ideas within me, that I can’t fully explain in words. Our minds are very powerful, the ideas and creativity that come from our minds are gifts from GOD and I’m just thankful for it and GOD using me and working through me!

REVE INSIDERS: What is your biggest wish or dream for 2023?

Troy Anderson Jr: My biggest wish for 2023 is more growth, success and blessings to us all.

Like Tru’ Starz Clothing on Facebook. To shop online, visit www.trustarzclothing.com.

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